One of the “Places I Like” is Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship This organization also maintains a blog, written by the members. Each month pursues a specific theme, with writers sharing their particular thoughts on the subject. It’s amazing how one topic can produce so many different ideas and be written about from so many angles.

On the 30th of each month, I post something on Inscribe Writers’ Online. You can find today’s post here. This month we were asked to address the question, “When do you feel God’s pleasure when you’re writing?”

When do you?

Under construction!

While I’m working on creating this new website, you can still visit me at my old one:

I decided that WordPress could meet my needs just as well (or better) than paying for a domain name and hosting when I’m still just launching my career as a writer.

I have a few pages ready for viewing and hopefully I will have new pages up soon. Stay tuned!