Five-Minute Friday: Same

This post is part of “Five Minute Friday” where we get five minutes to write on a one-word topic. Today’s word is “SAME.” If you choose to join us, it’s pretty simple. Don’t worry about editing or rewriting, just let the words flow for five minutes. And then stop and share with others!


I’m tired of the same old thing, day after day after day. Who wouldn’t be? It’s been almost a year of craziness, of setting aside my life to meet the needs of other people. Not that their needs aren’t real or important, but so are mine. Not that I don’t love these people – they’re family, after all – but am I not supposed to love myself too? What about the idea of loving others as much as you love yourself? If you don’t treat yourself well, how will you treat others?

Apparently better than I treat myself.

I’m tired of the same old thing, day after day. Something has to change and it has to begin with me. These are hard words. It’s easy to blame other people for what my life looks like. But I teach others how to treat me and I teach others that I will set aside my needs and my goals and dreams to do what they think I should be doing.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda is ‘stinking thinking.’ My daughter has a Yoda plaque that reads, ‘There is no ‘try’, only do.’ This fall as she returned to school I gave her a coaster that says, ‘No one else can pedal the bike for you.’ These are messages I ought to apply to my own life to shed the same old thing.


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