About Me

It all started at the library! At age three, I paid my first visit and was immediately hooked on books. Writing follows on the heels of loving stories, and I’ve been writing stories, poems and songs all my life.

I was a reader first, then a writer, then a librarian. Now I am a reader-librarian-writer.

I’ve been affirmed as a writer since my earliest days, but the first professional acknowledgement of my writing abilities was a novice writers’ award from The Word Guild. This was followed by the publication of my first short story. More short fiction and personal experience stories have since been published. I’ve also been interviewed – by Jess Byam at Jest Kept Secret.

I wear other hats too: wife, mother, daughter, friend, volunteer, dog-owner, writers’ group member, blogger, book-club leader, chauffeur. Which hat shall I wear today?

newfoundland happiness - Copy

c. K. Barclay

I try to reply to every comment!

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