Ten on Tuesday

Today I’m joining the blog hop initiated by Carole at carole knits. I may not be able to participate every Tuesday, but I’ll give it a whirl!

This week Carole asks us to describe ourselves in ten words, choosing adjectives that begin with the first letter of our first name.

Here goes:

  1. Secretive – I bet that surprises you!  Or at least it surprises you that I’d admit it. It’s not that I’m up to no good, more that I tend to be quiet and reserved and don’t think everyone needs to know what I’m doing at any given time. I guess I’m a poor candidate for social media, especially up-to-the-minute soundbites on sites like Twitter and Facebook 🙂
  2. Sensible – While I can be silly and have fun, I possess a good deal of common sense and try to make measured, well-researched decisions instead of being impetuous and impulsive. And I prefer sensible shoes to high heels 🙂
  3. Serene – another word for calm. Also known as easy-going, not easily riled.
  4. Skeptical – I tend to be skeptical of fads, cure-alls, chain letters, etc. Before passing on any information, I’ll check with Snopes.com or otherwise do my homework. If you hear something from me, you can be sure it’s true, or that I have good reason to believe it is true.
  5. Smart – This sounds egotistical, but I’m just saying what others would say about me 😛
  6. Spiritual – I believe in God and have a strong faith that is based on relationship, not ritual.
  7. Steady – I am loyal, dependable, reliable, stable – everything an employer or friend could ask for. Sorry if this sounds prideful; I don’t mean it to be.
  8. Stubborn – I prefer to think of it as persistent 😉
  9. Supportive – Hopefully people in my circle find me an encourager and cheerleader. I certainly try my best to be a good listener and problem-solver and to help others move forward in the achievement of their goals.
  10. Sweet – Again, just how others would describe me. In keeping with being a good friend/listener, kind, thoughtful, etc.

For the record, I’ve never liked tooting my own horn, so today’s challenge was really out of my comfort zone. Thanks, Carole! 😛